Wednesday, 5 December 2012

all there is

the perfection of it
hurts your heart:

the whiteness of the light,
the blueness of the sky,
the blackness of the trees,

and you must pause,
there is no choice.


I'm taking a break from blogging

I have things to do
and people to see

in the meantime
let's turn up the volume

my love to you all

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Five go to Skyfall

Dick, go ahead with Anne
through the secret passage
and out onto the moor.
Don't use your torch,
that's a beginner's mistake,
the baddies will see you
and shoot Anne.

I'm afraid
because I have the body
of a feeble woman.
Also, I'm wearing a skirt.

It's not a skirt, it's a kilt,
but we all understand,
fieldwork is not for everyone.

What shall I do next?

Go to the old chapel.
In the meantime
I will fend off the baddies
armed only with cherry cake
and ginger pop bottles.

I will send Timmy the dog
to show you the way
through the dangerous bog.

But what about me?
How will I find the way
when I need to escape?

Don't be a cissy, Julian.
There will be plenty of light
to see your way across the moor
when the house is ablaze.

Welcome to Scotland.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

(just for the record)

The Annual Lecture

The Head of Department was so pleased
with the success of last year's Annual Lecture
that he decided to go large for 2012.

'Invite a celebrity speaker!
Book the biggest lecture theatre!
Invite as many schools as possible!
Make a huge publicity splash!'

And we all set to work

MrsM booked the biggest lecture theatre,
Schools were delighted to be invited
and the Admissions Tutor, the Lady Professor
and the Academic who is a very youthful 43
invited a speaker from Another University

On the big day the Head of Department
looked around and was exultant...
the lecture theatre was full
of the brightest and best sixth formers
enjoying the anticipation.

And then the Celebrity Speaker started

After the wine reception
MrsM thanked the catering staff
and took a deep breath...
it had been a bit awkward when
part of the ceiling fell down...
thank goodness the Annual Lecture
was over for another year.