Monday, 30 November 2009

Time Passes

I must be getting older...
I am reading Barbara Pym,
eating olives
and buying picture calendars.

This little calendar of bright Provencal colours
was bought in the sincere hope
that the lavender fragrance and sunshine
would be released from the pages into my office.

It reminds me of our holiday
and the days that we wandered around small villages
looking for property
for our lovely friends Glen and Mary.

Last week we had a text from them telling us
that they had begun the olive harvest
in their new home in the heart of Provence.
We miss them very much
but we are glad for them.

When I bought this calendar it was still a dream
but time passes, progress is made
and dreams can become reality.
Perhaps it is good to be reminded of that.

My calendar from Tuscany is waiting for the New Year.


  1. Oof.
    I find myself envious of even the calendar.

  2. Still giggling over the undergarments in the first photo. It is good to know that wonderful dreams can come true. And winter seems a good time to incubate those dreams...

  3. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be in that beautiful warm environment on this very chilly morning

  4. Note to self:

    Dream Harder


  5. The first photo. I love it.

  6. Beautiful images to dream with... especially on this dark and damp November morning!

  7. But I adore Barbara Pym and eating olives and searching for just the right calendar: all very good things, I think!

    Not so good at believing in dreams though...must work on that...

    K x

  8. funny! I had to laugh when you said you find yourself buying picture calendars, as I bought one the other day...must be getting on lol!

    though those pictures are really pretty much in the 'so good it's not a picture calendar' category.

    enjoyed my visit


  9. Oh the pictures are beautiful. I can see how they might brighten an office day. Those are very picturesque pants indeed.

    Tuscany though. You must post that one too! Is there a shot of San Gimignano? Bet there is.

  10. Gorgeous images
    The best thing with calendars is the way they inspire you from time to time - its for that reason alone that the one in our kitchen happens to feature recipes....

  11. ...although we visit france every year we have never made it to provence...its on my bucket list especially in lavender season...thank you for the pictures ...lovely

  12. oooooooooooooo lovely looking calendar pages Alice, oh how i love calendars sooo much! I've got 4 lined up ready and waiting for 2010 and am really looking forward to welcoming in each month with the seasonal pictures.

    ps does that make me old then???

  13. I'll happily daydream of Provence and/or Tuscany any day, if it takes a picture calendar then so be it! Love the photo with the undies in the window :)


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