Tuesday, 7 June 2011

MissM : update

Hi from Verona!
Currently getting a free listen
from a concert in the arena
whilst having supper.

Zucchero is playing
(in case you were wondering...)


  1. I saw Verdi's Nabucco in the Arena when my parents lived on Lake Garda. (My turn to name drop!!)

    It's an amazing place.

    (And didn't Miss M laugh at the name of the Piazza? or is it just me?)

  2. Another magical photo from her.
    She doesn't need that silly photo app everyone is using/abusing with their phone cameras...she has some real, honest to goodness gems.

  3. I am lost. Thought she went to Bologna and now she's in Verona.
    Listening to Zucchero fo free, no less!
    You go MissM!


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