Monday, 30 April 2012

On the road to Franschhoek

We visited a number of wine farms during our stay
but I want to show you Leopard's Leap
on the road between Stellenbosch and Franschhoek.

It is a relatively new wine farm
although the brand is well established
and can be found in UK supermarkets.

We visited Leopard's Leap
and spent some time wine tasting
because two of MasterM's best friends,
Tom and Gareth, work at the farm
and they were entertaining and knowledgeable hosts.

After our wine tasting
and agreeing the most appropriate wines
to purchase for MasterM's wine cellar
we were shown around the building.

I was fascinated by the bold, contemporary design
which was commissioned from a local architect
and works so well in the landscape.

The interior is equally spectacular
with meticulous attention to detail and
imaginative use of metal, wood and textiles.

There are exceptional facilities
for a cookery school led by Liam Tomlin
and I coveted the immaculate batterie de cuisine.

Leopard's Leap does not have a restaurant
but is close to the gastro town of Franschhoek
so that you are spoilt for choice
if you want to stop for a leisurely lunch.

South Africa has many problems
and there are numerous examples of worthwhile charities
addressing issues of housing, education and medical care
in areas of urban deprivation and rural poverty.

It is important to celebrate places like Leopard's Leap too
because they demonstrate faith in the future,
investment of money to develop the tourist industry
and a re-imagination of the traditions of the winelands.


I visited as a tourist
and did not receive

any special treatment
or payment for this blog post.


  1. I was born in SA - I now live in Australia. My family spent last Christmas visiting family in JHB. I loved your sentiment and your celebration of the positives. It is easy to see a problem and sometimes these habits are best broken with new ones. Thank you for sharing a beautiful take on my birth land. Xx

  2. South Africa ... yet another place I woudl really love to visit.
    And now I have one more reason to do.

  3. Jobedo68 (twitter)April 30, 2012

    We visited stellenbosch 10 years ago and I saw a most wonderful necklace, but didn't buy it as money was tight. 10 years later I still think longingly of that necklace....

  4. Friends came back from South Africa a few years ago now, the rate of exchange was so bad they bought their money back in wine and now have a fab cellar.

    Am I really so sad that I covet those spice jars.

  5. I think I have just added that to my list of places I would like to visit.

  6. AnonymousMay 01, 2012

    I have, coincidentally, just bought a bottle from that very vineyard.


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