Monday, 22 February 2010

Thank you...

The Princess and the Pea
Margaret Tarrant (1915) the Mother of the Charming MasterN

who made MissM so welcome
when she went to stay during half term
and brought her breakfast in bed.

In the whole of her life
MissM has never, ever had breakfast in bed
and it made her feel very special.


MrsM thought of the Lovely MissE
who is now starting a career in fashion journalism
and felt a sharp pang of regret
that she had never made her
breakfast in bed
when she came to stay.

She was very special
and we send her our love.


  1. Hmmm, has Charming MasterN been mentioned on a previous occasion? I seem to recall he has. I am sure, the Lovely MissE was made to feel very special by other ways when she came to stay.

  2. I was thinking I had heard about MasterN before too.
    Now we'll al lbe here waiting for MORE ...

  3. How did I miss Master N? Pah, no one ever tells me the good stuff!

  4. I'm sure Miss E knew she was special - and breakfast in bed can be overated, the crumbs in the sheets are very uncomfortable xoxo
    bet Miss M loved it though, and sounds like Master N's mum loved her too x

  5. Good grief! Things are different in Magpie Land. The parents of my teen friendships barely spoke to me.

    I certainly would never have dared brave breakfast-time.

  6. How wonderful to be made so welcome. Breakfast in bed is such a treat and ever so slightly decadent.



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