Monday, 1 February 2010

The Mirror, It Speaks The Truth...

MrsM looks in the mirror...

W.C. Drupsteen, 1885

She has not been sleeping well recently
and she does not like what she sees...

Bess Livings, 1938

the effect is not so much that of
the charmingly dishevelled
Princess and the Pea...

Edmund Dulac, 1911

but closer to
the terrifying apparition of
the Wolf in Grandmother's clothing...

Paul Woodroffe

MrsM sighs and reaches for the phone...
MrsM needs the 'Shock and Awe' Facial package.
She needs to visit Fulvia ...


  1. I do not know how I missed the post about Fulvia. In my experience, the sterner the pedicurist the better the pedicure. Feet are tougher than feelings, and I am willing to steel my heart for the sake of pretty toes. Thanks for the reminder, I was the only one with polished toes in yoga yesterday, must keep up good work. Enjoy, I am sure freshly done toes will take away any hint of dark circles, always does for me!

  2. Alice, you apparently have one of those "fairy-tale lives" I've heard so much about! Funny, I thought it meant something slightly different ;)

    P.S. the Princess and the Pea illustration is fondly remembered from one of my treasured childhood storybooks - thanks.

  3. Oh, no - not the F-word woman again!

    And if I had a dressing gown like the one you're wearing in that first picture, I wouldn't care what my face looked like...

    (Word verif: unded. Perhaps you think you look like the Undead, but I think you're being too hard on yourself.)

  4. All you need is a ripe avocado and some beaten egg white - have you never read Jackie?

  5. The restorative power of footwork is immense. This is the reason one always hears of work on the foundation of buildings rather than their slate tiles.

    (Although a visit to the hairdressers has magical properties too)

    My word ver. is 'pretted'. Is this some regional conjugation of pretty of which I have been previously unaware? Oh English dialects escape me!

  6. After reading about Fulvia I remember why it may be better to speak a different language than my haircutter.

    Hope she is feeling less wolfish today.

  7. seems to me that Fulvia will frighten any beauty misdemeanor into submission. I hope the fairy tale has a happy ending

  8. Loving your blog's facelift.... and lusting after that coldcream pot....... not for the contents, but for the pot itself........

  9. I find it best not to look in the mirror... and never before 11am when the face has had time to re-adjust a little. Failing that candlelight is very effective.

  10. Now that I am 50, I find it is best to view ones self in the mirror sans spectacles. The resultant image is somewhat misty and charming. Just don't get me started on applying eyemakeup while wearing specs!

  11. Fulvia scares me. I would visit her if I could, though, if only to prove your feet are not, in fact, the worst she's ever seen.

    XX E

  12. i went to my own Fulvia a week or so ago. The look of horror on her face as she worked on my feet was intense!

  13. I'd completely forgotten about Fulvia...oh my! I love the illustrations, though I can't imagine you ever looking like the wolf. K x

  14. So Fulvia does both ends? What a versatile woman.
    I hope she is a little less rude about your face...


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