Thursday, 9 September 2010

Blue Hibiscus

Wedgwood Hibiscus 1805

This plate was on the floor by the door
and the thought that someone in a rush
could have stepped on it made me feel faint.
I watched like a hawk as the elderly man
wrapped it carelessly in crumpled newspaper
while he talked to his friend on the phone
and then hastily paid the money.
It is a very rare pattern
and now it is safe.


I have loved beautiful china ever since I can remember. I have the same visceral response to china that some people have to fabric or yarn, books or flowers. If I am watching a film I am easily distracted by the china and the perspective of a painting is distorted by a table setting. I can still visualise the patterns of china that were part of my childhood.

It isn't an is a lifelong passion.


  1. It is simply beautiful. What a lucky find. I am a pushover for anything blue and white.

  2. What a great find! I love china too, but curbed the jumbled collecting by going for plain white for everyday - and I now realise that 'everyday' means all the time.... I must try to create reasons to get the pretty cups and plates out!

  3. It seems a rather lovely thing to be passionate about.

  4. And I might add that there is nothing wrong about it. It's gorgeous, it's not wildly expensive and it makes you HAPPY!

  5. What a super plate. We have a local shop that has china piled all over the floor - and three dogs rushing around the shop. It makes me almost too nervous to browse.

  6. It is wonderful and I'm so pleased you've rescued it.

  7. Oh thank heavens, the plate can rest easy now it has a haven.

  8. I am imagining you in Indiana Jones mode while you are rescuing plates from behind the door.

  9. I can't even imagine bringing anything into my house and saying 'And now it is safe'. And I'm not even talking about safe from my children.

  10. Oh, me too! My mom and I both just love pretty dishes.


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