Friday, 24 September 2010

(just for the record)

The Freshers Week Edition

The new student did turn up after all.
The Admissions Tutor wins the bet and claims his £10.
I will get it back next time.

A distraught President of the GeogSoc wails
"I have 150 students waiting for a drink
and NO corkscrew!"
I turn to my cupboard.

I greet a Fresher and he looks confused.
"How did you know my name?"
I remind him that he came to my office at lunchtime.
Apparently lunchtime is already a long time ago.

Brad is looking city sharp
in his Baker Boy cap, red shirt and leather tie.
"Will they know that I am a Cultural Geographer?"

The new PhD student from Canada
has flaming Titian hair and dramatic clothes.
I am going to enjoy watching her wardrobe.

"We can't find the way out!"
As I give them directions
I realise that the two young men accompanying her
don't seem to be taking any notice of me.

On my way across campus
I spot the Hockey Society promotional campaign.
Behind the placard "Hockey Loves You!"
are three very attractive students in short skirts.
It could be a good year for the Hockey team.

MissM meets up with the Glamorous MissI
and other friends from school who have started as Freshers.
She is thrown out of the Union because she has no ID.
The excitement!

The academic who will be 41 very soon
is at a conference in Italy.
He claims that he would rather be with us.

All the lights are on in the corridor
and the sound of tutorial meetings
leaks out of the offices.

I meet the new Scottish academic
and ask him if it is busy enough for him
"It is perking up nicely" he replies.

In a moment of absolute quiet
a blackbird starts singing on the roof of the Department
and I am reminded once again
that in my search for an interesting life
I have accidentally found happiness.


  1. Oh how I love just for the record. And now I'm determined to work 'perking up nicely' into my conversation :)

    K x

  2. A new year! More Just for the Records!

  3. Some wonderful observations.

  4. How rude of those boys not to take any notice of you. Do they not realise you are the the most important cog upon which everything else revolves?

  5. I have just read your Search post for the first time. Food for thought.

  6. My favourite kind of post.

  7. First rule of academic administration - buy a corkscrew and know where it is at all times! I'm so glad to hear that academic life still goes on in the same old way.

  8. I would have greatly preferred to be working down the hall from you this week.

  9. Once again you whisked me away, I left my cluttered study with its hum of Radio 4 and was in the middle of the bustle of the picture you paint, chatter and people all around, wonderful Alice.

  10. "Just for the record" is absolutely divine.

    I would really like to spend a day with you at work, it all sounds so alive, interesting, colorful ...

  11. You are lucky! (And so are we.)

  12. Oh, that sounds so perfectly wonderful!
    Do you think the conference in italy was so unbearable?? LOL

  13. Wonderful haiku-like glimpses into academia.

  14. Life has a habit of sneaking up on us like that.....sounds like we are in for a good year ENJOY :-)


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