Friday, 30 September 2011

(just for the record)

© Jenny Kynaston

Thursday, in no particular order.

My friendly cartographer, Jenny,
sends a photo from the field site.
It is sunny and they are outside...
what's not to like?

The youngest academic is wearing
a fabulous yellow striped sun dress
that she bought on her last trip to Laos.
It was 'inspired' by, but cheaper than,
the Marc Jacobs dress for Michelle Obama.

I meet a new student who tells me
that university is not the right place for her.
It is a brave decision.

And I meet a student who has returned
after a period of illness.
It is good to see her smiling again.

The new Research Assistant
is wearing stylish linen trousers.
I ask him if he will be travelling
and he tells me that he will go to Glasgow.
I am not sure if I should sympathise.

The Post Doctoral fellow who is leaving
is wearing a Missoni dress.
She tells me about her contract
with the UN in Geneva and she smiles
when I tell her I am very proud
of what she has achieved.

The travel consultant is tall and slender
and I find myself distracted by her beads
when I should be concentrating
on discussions about field centres in Kenya.

The VP of the GeogSoc is between lectures.
He is a busy and organised person.
The Freshers pub crawl was a great success.
I am not surprised.

The enthusiastic Professor
is setting off for three months in Mexico
I make her promise to send photos
and I look forward to the quirky images
that will arrive in my inbox.

I tell the young Scottish academic
who is leaving to take up a teaching post
in the far South West that she cannot escape me.
One fine day I will arrive on her doorstep
and take her out to my favourite fish restaurant.
I hope that she knows I am serious.

My mentee and I discuss
how to achive a work-life balance.
We agree that there is no right way
but I am interested to learn from him.
He never looks at work emails at home.

As I leave the Department
I pass a student in a maxi dress.
She looks cool and stylish,
perfectly dressed for a summer evening.
And I wonder if MissM packed hers.


  1. My mother and I went delightedly to Target, which we do not have in Canada, but the Missoni rack was sadly picked over. Mossimo, however, which I still always associate with my 14-year-old self and those horrible blurry t-shirts, coughed a beautiful purple thing (it is probably a dress, but I am wearing it [as with many things] as a shirt).

  2. Yes. Stop looking at your work emails.

  3. This is my life!
    I think I must follow suit and post it.

  4. all this goes to show that MrsM has significantly better observational skills than MrM

  5. Ah I just knew a new term would reveal some good things, chief among them at the moment is the glorious weather. I saw some wonderfully coloured Missoni hand towels on sale in a shop recently. I could smack myself for not buying them.

  6. Oh I love a good Just For The Record.

    And "mentee" is a great word.

  7. Yes, I too was struck by "mentee". What a nice word in the always wonderful "just for the record".

  8. you don't have to mad to work here .... just a mentee

  9. You've got some well-dressed academics. I have a memory of being in grad school and leaving some cast-off clothes near the dumpster in back of my apartment complex, as a direct way to give to the homeless. My boots were taken...and then next day, I saw they'd been returned.


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