Monday, 3 October 2011


On Sunday morning
MrsM looked out of the window
and decided that it was a perfect day
for an emergency picnic.

She packed up the picnic basket
with salmon salad

(don't get excited, folks,
this was M&S pre-cooked salmon...
it was an emergency picnic.

and some rustic bread
olives, cheese, muscat grapes
and amaretti left over from Christmas...

and some chilled Peroni
and the bottle opener.

MrM carried the heritage picnic blanket
which was bought when he was a baby
and they walked across the way
to their favourite shady pic-i-nic spot.

And they lay there idly
for a whole afternoon
eating, drinking and reading their books
and life seemed pretty good.


*© Miss Maisie


  1. This is probably the best post I have ever read..... anywhere. You've put into words an idea that has been flitting around my brain for ever. Now I know. The answer to the question that I never knew existed is An Emergency Picnic. If only I'd realised this before the weather changed and snow was forecast.It'll have to be soup and sandwiches, but without a doubt there will be emergency picnics x

  2. I do believe that you may have found that The Emergency Picnic may be the answer to many things.

  3. I've been hearing from G's daughter in the Netherlands that summer has finally come and the beaches are packed.

    And a cartoon character in the 1950's/60's spelled it pic-a-nic.

  4. Oh! Oh! I had exactly the same M&S salmon salad on an Emergency Picnic yesterday as well! Our surroundings were less idyllic (the village play area with sixteen 8 year olds having a football birthday party next to us) but no less enjoyable for all that.

    Sadly no amaretti, but there were bananas.

  5. I am so gratified to find someone else who still has Amaretti left over from Christmas.

    We ate outside too, but it was in the woods with a gaggle of exceptionally sweaty 11 year olds who had just finished laser gaming. I can barely describe the smell.

  6. you had amaretti left over from Christmas? ......

  7. Your first photo makes a wonderful recipe for a picnic. I'm bookmarking it for next spring!

  8. Lovely, lovely, lovely, and you can remember it fondly when the forecast cold spell arrives any minute now.

  9. Well that sounds to me like the very best incentive to pack the kids off to uni so you can have some special us time together (can't you just tell how exasperated I am with my kids this morning) I feel I shall have to make some excuses to have an 'emergency' picnic in the near future, just for the two of us you understand - to save the chez bebbs parents sanity

  10. Sounds lovely. The Malvern Hills were beckoning us yesterday - just a few yards across the road and a short climb - but life got in the way. We had Peroni though.

  11. What - no wasps? I was surrounded by them yesterday, they flew out of a hedge as I walked by.

    Your picnic sounds superb and I am glad that you both enjoyed it.

  12. That is Nastro Azzurro, much better than Peroni.
    And I am utterly impressed that you would choose an Italian beer in London ...

    How I would love to do that but we have no green lawns anywhere around here.

  13. full marks to MrsM - saved me from toiling in the garden cutting back some very prickly something or other - I am only surprised that she did not take a photo of her special pic-i-nic basket - perhaps that will feature in the future though

  14. "amaretti left over from Christmas"

    How could this happen? Aren't you people paying attention?

  15. Ahhhhh! Bliss! Lovely photos. I enjoyed my armchair pic-i-nic!

  16. Oh I so badly wanted to have a picnic yesterday, feeling that it will be the "last chance" but instead I had to stand on the side of a rugby pitch hoping no-one got hurt on the dusty, baking hot, hard ground. Thank you for letting me join you "virtually".

  17. unwinOh I just got home from vacation and found your lovely post! I think the concept of Emergency Picnic shall henceforth be adopted by me and spread throughout our family! What a blessedly terrific idea! And we live in the perfect climate to take advantge of it almost all year! Thanks for your genrosity in sharing such a stellar idea!


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