Monday, 10 October 2011

note to self

Always brush your hair
before going to the supermarket
in case you meet your hairdresser
looking fabulous in an updo.
Remember how hurt she looks
to see her painstaking cut
destroyed by your abysmal haircare
and lack of appropriate product.


  1. My pal A just told me about the time she had tidied up the house and then went to run errands with a crisps clip in her hair. People smiled at her all afternoon and she only remembered she had stuck it there when she got home.

  2. My hairdresser, whom I have religiously followed to various salons and towns for nearly 20 years, has just set up her own place in my Hilltop Town. I went in to congratulate her and offer my best wishes for the venture. She asked at what point in the next 12 months she might see me in her chair again. *blush*

  3. Not one hair was out of place when we met. I remember clearly.

  4. I think I should make an appointment with my hairdresser, I think I last went in April, or May.

  5. I highly recommend a crop. I have t owned a hairbrush in 10 years, let alone a dryer. Of course it's spoiled me for life as I can't imagine all the faff of an actual hairdo.

  6. My mother has this print hanging in her bathroom, and it always inspires me to be more thoughtful in my haircare process. And tomorrow I am going for a cut--the cost of which will also inspire another kind of thoughtfulness about haircare...

  7. You could always get dreads like me ;-)

  8. Probably best not to wear the bright red gardening clogs, too -- not that the hairdresser will care, but you might get funny looks. As I know from experience.

  9. This post made me smile! You have such a way with words! Each time I go to the hairdresser he cuts in and spends much time 'styling' a side fringe which looks nice but means I can't really see too well! I'm sure he sees me as I walk out and move it back to a middle parting so that I can see and find my way back to the car. Oops!


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