Monday, 31 October 2011

Fingers and Toes

Here is a photograph
of the scrumptious little MasterA
wearing the jumper wot I knit.

Gaze upon it,
admire those chubby little fingers
and chat amongst yourselves
while I write grateful replies
to the astonishing and moving comments
that I received yesterday.


  1. What a cutie! Is that a recent pic (i.e., the sweater still fits and hasn't got mashed sweet potato stains on it) or from when he first received it?

  2. I want to reach into the screen...........

  3. he is just adorable! ....
    and so is the jumper you knitted : )

  4. I can almost hear him giggling! Lovely model, modelling a lovely jumper...

  5. Oh, yes! What a sweetie...and such a handsome jumper!!

  6. Lovely, obviously knitwear photos are easier to style with a scrumptious model.

  7. Fingers and toes and a lovely smile to go with them. The jumper looks good too.

  8. Ooof! Archie is precious, and that sweater is perfection. At the risk of revealing my venomous underbelly, I hate it when people pick up kniting needles they've cast aside for years, and then very casuallhy knit something better than MY stuff.

  9. Probably you knew about my obsession with newborn little toes and fingers ...


Thank you! I love reading your comments and even though I don't always have time to reply I am really grateful to every one who joins in the conversation.