Friday, 7 October 2011


Did I mention that last Friday
we celebrated Cheesecake Day?
It was Jenny's birthday and she organised
a party pack of cheesecakes for us to share.

They arrived the day before
all packaged up in their frosty perfection
and I generously offered the use of my fridge.
To my surprise and disappointment
she hastily said no and locked them away
in the laboratory cold store.

The next day Jenny invited
the Operations Manager and her Crew,
the Administration Team,
and some hungry postgraduates
and we politely tried samples
of as many flavours as possible.

And all the time we were thinking

If only every day was Cheesecake Day."

English Cheesecake Company


  1. Oh lord.

    One day I'm going to make a calendar of all the Food Days (today is allegedly National Noodle Day) and spend a year celebrating them ALL.

  2. Why did you not tell me BEFOREHAND??! You know I like to celebrate things. And Cheesecake. I have to say, I'm liking the thought of cheesecake a lot right now.

    Belated Happy cheesecake day!

  3. I can't believe I missed cheesecake day. They look like an amazing selection.

  4. I'm impressed with the "politely" part. I would have been knocking people aside to get at them.

  5. I can't think why she wouldn't allow you to store them in your fridge? ;-)

  6. oh my. why have I never worked with someone like Jenny.

  7. Oh no, I am mortified to have missed such an important day in the calendar! I shall have to organise a belated celebration of my own.

    Jenny seems to be an absolute asset to your working environment, you must never let her go.

  8. You would be doing us a service if you would publish a list of all these important days. National Coffee Cake Day? And I'm pretty sure it's National Bubble Bath Day soon.

  9. ..And I never knew! I am beside myself, missing such scruptious delights. I shall have to make up for lost time. Top marks to the Cheesecake Co for presentation, if they taste as good as they look, dear me I am lost.

  10. I can see why going to work is such a daily struggle. Being obliged to taste all those cheesecakes must have been a real trial for all of you. (I don't suppose there were any left over that might be able to wing their way to my desk?)

  11. Your office sounds positively dangerous.

    In a good way.

  12. I hope all your readers are aware of the difference between cheesecake and beefcake - as defined in Wikipedia of course....

    "Pin-ups are also referred to as "cheesecake", the male counterpart being "beefcake"."

    Must be a link ...

  13. ... and do they ship?

    I mean, I can make a cheesecake but good Lord that is whole other level with all those samples ...

  14. whoa.
    what a great idea.

  15. "Generously offered"? "Politely tried"? How you suffer just to humour your colleagues. If I had been there, I would have stepped in and nobly offered to take your place for this ordeal.....

  16. that sound delicious! i wish i was there to taste : )

  17. Well, damn, I wish that I had known.
    I think that I will declare a Cheese Cake Day myself..and for myself.
    Why not?

  18. Well, MrM, please let us know when it's Beefcake Day at your office. We'll be there. With appetites.


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