Thursday, 13 October 2011

Comfort Food

Don't judge me...
it's Wednesday
and I've been to the gym...
I can think about
apple and walnut pie
if I want to.

And cream.
Or maybe custard.
Or possibly ice cream.

It is a shame it's Wednesday
and there is just fruit
for pudding tonight.
Roll on Sunday.


  1. My sister-in-law is allergic to nuts, so when I make an apple-walnut pie for family dinner it is just an apple pie, alas. If she wasn't so NICE and AMUSING I could almost hate her.

  2. What a travesty that there is no "pudding" where I live.

  3. I am just trying to get my head around the wooden bowl/baked goods combo. How? How?

  4. The veg box came with an apple tart recipe using Amaretti in the base. Luckily I had had the foresight to buy some custard before the box arrived.

  5. Bad girl, bad, BAD girl.........

  6. Surely it should be cream AND custard AND ice-cream?

    Ps. Word v is nonseums which seems like Blogger is making a statement in the potential threat to culture....

  7. Oh you are too good for me.
    You have a wine day, a dessert day ...
    I wish I were as strict as you are.
    Last night I had fish baked in a salt crust (Fabio made it), Prosecco (slurp) and chocolate mousse (I made it).
    On ANY Wednesday night.
    Just saying ...

  8. But apple and walnut pie surely counts as a serving of fruit!

    K x

  9. The gym? Now you're putting me to shame.

  10. Ali has an eagle eye, but she is right. How did it not burst into flames?

    The gym. Good grief!

  11. Oh and Rhiannon is right too. In this family it is called 'with and with'.

  12. Liz in Missouri (USA)October 13, 2011

    I just want you to know how much I absolutely adore your blog.

  13. the gym. you wouldn't ever catch me in one of those. I do walk everywhere however, usually to buy
    ingredients for pies.
    am I the only one who never heard of apple and walnut pie?

  14. MrsM and I do not compete in the gym unless it is on the single leg cycling time trial ...

  15. Wednesday AND the gym? Gosh, you are brave.

  16. Felicity from Down UnderOctober 15, 2011

    I'm a long-time reader and lover of your blog, but I had to delurk for this one! It's a limited aspiration to want only custard or cream or ice cream. For my father, it was all or nothing: a dessert without custard AND cream AND ice cream was really not dessert at all. We remember him fondly every Christmas by having all three with our pudding. (I add, sadly, that he wasn't a bit fat.)


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