Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Receiving Visitors

Welcome to my visitors from the Decor8 online course "Blogging Your Way" - I am flattered to be included ... thank you to whoever recommended this blog.

My only tip to new writers is to look at other blogs and see the wonderful variety of writing styles and this should make you feel more confident as you start to create your own written space. The best resource on this blog is the blog roll in the side bar. So many fascinating blogs, friends who write passionately about their families and jobs, the worlds that they live in and the challenges that they face.

Let us dip into some of them...

these are my friends writing about their sons:

Each of us writes about our son in a different way - this will partly be determined by their age and by the boundaries that we have set to protect their privacy but in every case it is our love that makes the writing shine and ensures that the words remain in the memory of the reader.

Good luck with your own writing!


  1. My god,

    you must have

    four million readers.

    You are the most welcoming, wonderful, inspiring blogger I know.

  2. That'll be the traffic spike to end all spikes then! But if it is inspiring loyalty in a readership they are after, then this is the place.

  3. the study of comparative literature ... it will be Twitter next I'm sure

  4. The bloggers equivalent of the Booker prize. Well done.

  5. Fame & fortune?

    Well done, it sounds as if you might be inundated...

    Good Luck!

    P.S. Love the black & white ceramic pot photo

  6. Ummm {she whispers raising her hand} it was me. As part of our BYW homework we had to list our favourite blogs and I put you top of my list. I will email you what I actually wrote to spare your blushes.

  7. could you negotiate payment in kind ... was thinking of coffee cake actually.

    One per month will be quite sufficient I think

  8. I didn't know that you could do courses in blogging! But how wonderful to be a set text - part of the canon.

    Pomona x

  9. You're the reason I started blogging, Alice - without your encouragement I probably wouldn't have had the courage. You are an inspiration to many!

  10. oh thank you so much for including my blog post! I'm flattered:-)


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