Sunday, 23 October 2011

Shades of Red

What do red nails mean to you?

To me they mean
freedom from a lifetime
of biting my nails
and honouring my decision
to enjoy life.

But I didn't tell the nail lady that...
I just pretended
I wear red nail polish
all the time.

Even though it was the first time ever.


  1. I am sporting a lovely shade of red right now, "Forever Yummy". I was inspired by a friend of my daughter's who has red nails ALL THE TIME. She treats herself every week so she does not bite her nails. Ten years ago I watch this same young woman receive a college diploma. Can you tell me what took me such a long time to learn such a small thing can make me feel so together when I am so not?

  2. I have big nails (to go with my huge hands) and feel overly conspicuous when they are red, but love them on other people.

    Well done for expanding your comfort zone and kicking the biting habit.

  3. I have to be in the mood for red (sometimes I even dare to wear red lipstick :-0 )
    But it is a fact that I feel 100% better about myself if my nails are painted. The darker the better, no pastels here! Like Kathe said, it's such a small thing but (for me) a huge boost. I call them my power nails ;-)

  4. Miss K has never bitten her nails again since the absess she got when she chewed the skin just a bit too much.... (this info is just in case you need any extra conviction to quit btw)
    meanwhile, red nails, 5K training, don't change toooo much Mrs M, we love you just the way you are.

  5. I'm actually chewing my nails right now.

  6. I have tiny nails on my hands so tend to go for toe nails instead. When I do put polish on my nails (hands) it somehow looks as if I've been playing with my mum's make up bag...I do look with envy at people who have painted nails though!

    The polish on the toe nails is a range of colours- often scarlet. I love them!

  7. I'm rather envious. My nails are such a weird assortment of shapes and sizes, and were badly bitten in childhood, so I tend not to draw attention to them. But oh, if they were nicer - red, or even better, very dark red - they would most certainly be!

    Good for you. Next time, try on a red lipstick, just for the thrill.

  8. I admire your decision and determination. My nails are long but I don't like wearing varnish, it makes my hands feel hot and uncomfortable.

  9. How did you quit biting your nails? I quit smoking but can't quit biting.

  10. It really depends on the shade of red. And I don't like the creamy shiny one at all.
    As for varnishing my nails, I've done that (by myself) since I was 13, I like groomed hands/toes (and that is also the first thing I notice in a person: hands and feet).

  11. Yah! Go Alice. I've got awful nails... my hands always seem stained with ink or dye but I think perhaps if I had a manicure I might take more care.

  12. I'm a big fan of red nails, and am currently sporting a dark red that makes me feel all wintery and slightly serious (although money on it'll be bright green or navy by the end of the week....)


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