Monday, 25 January 2010

Changing Perspective

Westminster Bridge on Lord Mayor's Day
Canaletto (1697 – 1768)

MrsM considered the bridge.

She thought of the energy and bustle of the crowds,
the noise, the smell, the warmth
and the sense of purpose
as you crossed from one side to the other.

And then MrsM thought about
walking from the safety of the bridge
onto the unknown side of the river.
She tried to imagine what it would feel like
to be in less familiar territory,
possibly without a street map.

And then MrsM realised
that she had made a fundamental mistake.

She had always assumed that
the direction of travel
was from the north bank of the river,
full of grand buildings and extravagant ambition,
to the quiet residential streets of the south bank.

But there was no reason why that should be the case.

No reason at all.

And, suddenly, the prospect was much more enticing.


  1. Don't know what's wrong with my psyche, because at the words
    'And then MrsM thought about stepping off the bridge'
    I thought you meant over the side!

    Forgive me, perhaps I am not quite wide awake yet. But much relieved that you are not feeling desperate.

  2. This is so beautifully written. I hope the altered perspective has helped - it sounded pragmatic and brave. I hope you are alright x

  3. Aaaah ... a shift in persepctive can be a revelation.

  4. A grand quality to be able to look from different persepctives.

  5. Please send me one of those changes of perspective, please. Along with a couple of face fairies, as previously requested.

  6. you always make me think...which is difficult after hardly any sleep and a full on day at work...but its important if we are to make our own journeys meaningfull...thank you as always for your words and your wisdom...


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