Monday, 18 January 2010

The Hyacinth Bowl

I have been reading Spitalfields Life almost since it started.

I love the descriptions of the East End of London,
the people, the graffiti,
the pubs, shops and market

but, most of all,
I love the Gentle Author's china collection.
Every now and then a new item is featured
and it is always greatly to be desired.

When I read about the inherited bowl
that is always used for Hyacinths
I knew that I HAD to have one too
and it arrived today, by post,
from my wonderful friends at Blue and White.

I fully intended to plant pearl white Hyacinths
but I got distracted by the Winter Anemone.

I hope that the Gentle Author would approve.


  1. A lovely post, Alice! Not only the bowl and the flowers, but the anticipation you create so effectively, then reward with a beautiful composition.

  2. Any excuse for more china, eh?

  3. Beautiful. I love this idea and it is a great excuse for more china!

  4. Just lovely. Everything.

  5. So lovely and so very you! K x

  6. It looks so beautiful! And thank you for the link to Spitalfields life. Something else for me to read!

  7. How lovely! I had no idea that you could happily keep them indoors, much less in a bowl without drainage. And how utterly beautiful they look.

  8. There is always justification if you look hard enough.

  9. Beautiful!

  10. Oh, I am such a fan of that blog too!

  11. How lovely - I think the Winter Anemones look rather elegant (and they don't honk quite as much as hyacinths do!!). Cat x

  12. Oh, Alice!

  13. Beautiful bowl, and thank you for the link! Spitalsfields is fascinating.


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