Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Blue and White is not the only china...

...that I own
although it has felt like that recently.

I have become stuck in a rut
and I feel as though it is time
to make some changes.

I will need to be brave
and there are sure to be days
when I get
discouraged or distracted.

But I don't want to live
with a restricted palette
when there is a whole rainbow out there.


  1. Oh!
    I'm putting my arm around you and
    saying encouraging things!

  2. That is SO Brit!
    I can just imagine your cupboard, it must be a beautiful sight.

  3. That's a lovely chintzware jug. How nice to see a corner of your domain.

  4. love that picture on the wall xx

    we broke a beloved blue pasta bowl last night, one of a set of four, I had a few moments of china grief as I know they are discontinued until E said we could get one in a different colour, that would look lovely, and you know I thought he was right. we shall be brave together....

  5. Tulips! Yay!
    As for blue and white - its beautiful, so of course its worth having, but then rainbows are beautiful too
    I'm sure it won't need too much bravery....

  6. Yippee! Now I'll be able to "do" coloured china love by proxy!

  7. Alice, because of you, I too have been brave. I bought an old Prussian blue(?) bowl it sits, full of paper white bulbs in my sunny kitchen. Venturing to think beyond pink I now have an "Alice Bowl". Beautiful peek into you home there!

  8. Be brave Alice!

    I bought my first tulips last week.

  9. What a beautiful jug! Does this mean I have to move beyond white, gray, and beige... K x

  10. That looks like a good start. I'm also admiring the picture on your wall.

  11. There is indeed a world of colour out there. So why are my cupboards filled mostly with plain white china? So practical. So elegant. *SO* boring.

    I love the tiny drawing on your wall. We have a few of those too.

  12. Oh, it's the curtains that I love --

    Go for it, Alice.

  13. I know exactly how you feel about the B & W .... but I can't help myself and I'm just drawn to it x

  14. Still Life. But bursting with it!

  15. Embrace the rainbow. Works for us. (And I agree with readersguide: loving those curtains.)


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