Sunday, 3 January 2010


Chimonanthus praecox

If you plant a grove of Wintersweet
make sure you choose
a sheltered place.

On a warm still day in January
the trapped cloud
of honeyed fragrance
will envelope you
so that summer seems
only a breath away.


  1. How gorgeous! I love the scent of Wintersweet.

  2. That sounds lovely. I've never heard of wintersweet... K x

  3. we had those in our garden in Italy. one of my dad's favourite. they remind my of him.

    thank you.

  4. Oh I love it as you know. Mine, whose flowers are more waxy and less brightly-coloured, is just about to flower. I can't wait for the smell. Is witch-hazel another name for it? x

  5. What lovely color for a cold winter day!

  6. The picture you have above has the title of Winter Sweet(Chimonanthus praecox), but I think the picture you are displaying is Witchhazel(Hamamelis) It flowersin the winter and has a wonderful scent when all around is lifeless like Wintersweeet.
    Don from

  7. Dear Don,
    Thank you for this suggestion. As it happens that tree IS Winter Sweet (it is labelled) but there are Witch Hazel planted nearby and I was enjoying ther fragrance only this weekend.


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