Thursday, 14 January 2010

rearranging the twigs

Every January I replace the herbs and spices.

It is very satisfying to stick on new labels

and line up the sparkling jars.

The deep ochre of turmeric!

The pungent odour of ginger!

I would make a cake
but right now
there is no-one to eat it.


This is NOT a pitiful plea for sympathy...
no cooking = more writing


  1. I would happily receive a ginger cake in the post.....

  2. I thought it was Mr M I needed to put my life in order, but clearly it is YOU, herb/spice organizer extraordinaire!

  3. Gorgeous!
    And that photo of olives in your sidebar is making me hungry :-)

  4. So you buy your herbs loose? THat's nice. I guess you must have Indian shops like in the US.

  5. You could always eat it yourself, which is what I usually do, hence a certain spreading around the hips. Then you have to go to the gym afterwards, which makes you feel very worthy.

    Pomona x

  6. Gosh, you are good. You wouldn't believe how long some of the spices have been lurking in my cupboard. I know they need replacing but I never seem to get around to it... or I only remember when I go to use them.

  7. Martha would be very proud! And I know what you mean about the cake. Always too much for the two of us... K x

  8. Buy smaller cake tins.

  9. Turmeric twinning. Perhaps I could start blog twinning. The more unlikely the better - like town twinning. Who would you like to be twinned with?

  10. I am ashamed to say I only refill the jars when they are empty, could be why my cooking has been a little tasteless lately. another job for my to-do list then......

  11. I'm covering the ears of the contents of my herb cupboard. Replace everything? I'd be bankrupt. Because my lovely health food shop that sold everything loose has shut down. Aaaargh.

  12. There is you and the lovely Mr M. Surely you need some?

    Tea and cake are January's mates. Forget all this detox rubbish. Cake is the way the truth and the light in this house!

  13. We should really do something like this - I'm sure there are a few bits lurking in my cupboard that got bought when I went to uni....

  14. I think there should be a competition for the oldest container of spice. I think we have one dating back to when Mrs M was half Miss M's age. Not that we would open it, it's just part of the miscellanea collection of family antiques like us.

  15. See, here's where we differ. I prefer to leave spices in their original bags with the corners torn off, and jam them in high cabinets willy-nilly so that the next time I open one of those little doors, the bag of cumin spills its contents onto me, at which point I gasp in surprise and immediately develop spice-lung.

  16. But what about MrM? We know he loves his cakes.

    Your jars are just beautiful. I lose my spices behind the tins of tomatoes, along with the cherry-pattern cupcake cases. This is the order of MY spice cupboard.

  17. First of all, I think you are terribly diligent, replacing the spices every winter - but really, what interests me is: is that your handwriting?

  18. You put me to shame - I daren't look at the dates on the herbs and spices at the back of my cupboard.

    Mrs C


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