Friday, 22 January 2010

Diversion Therapy

San Rock Art

If I am given a grant application
to fund research on the earliest hand axes
just before lunchtime
it is highly likely
that I will eat my
tuna and cucumber sandwich
while flicking through pictures
of cave paintings.

(Anything to avoid preparing exam papers...)

This herd of elephant rampages
before the San hunters
on the ochre walls of caves
in the Cederberg mountains
near Cape Town.

with thanks to the unknown person
who made this picture available
without copyright restriction


  1. It beats the walls of a generic coffee shop any day!

  2. Have you had a chance to listen to a History of the World in 100 Objects? They started with hand axes.It was unexpectedly rivetting.

  3. I ate lunch standing up and whilst doing the ironing yesterday.

    Sometime, somewhere I've definitively taken the wrong turn!

  4. You would think if these people were hunting Sans they would have picture of them on the walls rather than cows, wouldn't you?


  5. The grant applications that come across your desk and those that come across my desk are very different things indeed.

  6. I'm stuck here with Danish (or perhaps Icelandic, hmmm) laws -- no pictures. What pretty elephants!

  7. Oh blimey, I remember having to write grant applications in a former life. Ugh. I feel for you being involved in that process in any way at all.


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