Sunday, 10 January 2010

Travel Bulletin

Fox in the snow, 2006
Alistair Crawford

text from MissM
I have arrived safely!
I saw a fox crossing a field of snow
from the train window!

text from MasterM
I have arrived safely!
seriously good weather!


Thursday was quite hectic
with all the packing and departing.
When we came back from the airport
the house seemed so quiet and tidy
and I realised with a shock
that it would stay like that.

Be careful what you wish for.


Thank you so much
for your kind messages
which I have really appreciated.

Normal blogging and email soonish.


  1. I can't imagine what that feels like; the empty house, the tidiness (I don't think I'll ever experience the tidiness, however).

    Thinking of you.

  2. If you would like some help on the quiet and tidy front, I've got excellent candidates.

    But failing that, I think I will stare at the snow. With earplugs.

    Glad the magpies arrived safely.

  3. Oh Alice, you and Mr.M are in my thoughts.

    ALthough you realise when they are home for holidays you will be counting the minutes until peace reigns again!!

  4. I worked for a clergyman once, and we always used to joke that it was wise to be careful what you prayed for because your prayers might well be answered! I have just sent the Ploughboy off to the west, into a snowstorm - the letting go is so very hard, isn't it, however far or near?

    Pomona x

  5. It would appear that snow and children are uppermost in a lot of mothers' minds at the moment ........

    What a stunning image you have used to illustrate your blog today. Just stunning.

  6. There is no in between is there? Tidy silence in your home, messy chaos in mine.

  7. So pleased they have arrived safely and hope you adjust to the emptiness before too long. However I can loan a very noisy and untidy 20 year old son, who will eat you out of house and home, make lots of dirty washing and keep unsociable hours should you feel the need?

  8. And just when you get used to it they come back ad start it all over again.
    Talking of being careful what you pray for...when I was young I was painfully thin. I hated how nothing fit me, in those days M&S smallest size was an ample 12. My legs were too skinny for high boots not to flap about and I prayed and prayed to put on weight.
    God answered my prayers hundredfold....with knobs on.

  9. And then there are those of us who were too self-absorbed to leave a kind message on your last post. So sorry...

    I think a happy medium might be nice: kids and their noise/clutter/quirks LEAVE, but stay close by (like next door, or across town). Yes, I'm going to encourage that. (And then you can chuckle when I reveal to you that my offspring have departed for Timbuktu...)

  10. P.S. I have a client whose elder two children (now in their forties) stop by her house for coffee every weekday morning at 6:00 before she and they head off to their respective workplaces. That just conjures a picture of perfect well-being for me ...

    But again, my children = Kuala Lumpur. Mark my words.

  11. Oh that struck a chord! Too often I find myself wishing for the place to stay tidy a bit longer than 10 minutes. Thank you for the reminder, we all need a nudge at times. I'm sure they will have a marvellous time as always and for that, I know you are a very happy mum.

  12. I have been gazing at my messy living room and trying not to've just made it easier. Hmmmmm with an 8 month old I'll have to find some patience from somewhere!

  13. I confess to longing for some tidy and quiet from time to time but I can imagine that weeks of it would seem very daunting.

    Revel in it, safe in the knowledge they will soon be back to fill their old spaces full of talk of places and people they have seen.

  14. Yes, two or three of my colleagues have empty nest syndrome at the moment one was sobbing at her desk. As you say it's so easy to get caught up in materialism, perfect houses etc and briefly forget what matters. Great post.

  15. Such is life ...
    But we should be thankful since nowadays we have internet, SKYPE, IM, text and we can always be in touch with our loved ones.
    All the while keeping the house tidy!

  16. Like Lynn - a little too self absorbed to leave a message on the last post..

    but I will now -

    thinking of you ....

  17. oh Alice...

    they arrive safe, that's good news... and I'm sure they miss you just a much!

    take care.

  18. You have all been in my thoughts Alice. Glad to hear the young Magpies have arrived safely and look forward to exciting updates on their progress. Chin up!! Love Bobby x

  19. Oh my, it must feel so very strange. Especially the tidy part, I think I could be happy with the tidy part.

  20. My sympathies.

    But what a beautiful fox!


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