Saturday, 2 January 2010

Rosa, aged three and a half

Rosa loves:

fairy stories
ballerina musical boxes
sparkly dresses
flowery coats
red boots with hearts
playing with dolls houses
making funny faces
cuddles with Grandma
dancing for aunties
piggy backs with big cousins
splashing through muddy places
with her best cousin, Lily,
and getting her little red boots


  1. After today I know that it doesn't matter how tall and grown-up children get there is little as much fun as puddles filled with ice and mud! Happy New Year Mrs. M.

  2. Oh, that delicious moment between boot-sinking and muck-releasing...what if it doesn't?! And does.
    My boots were white. For a while :)

  3. My word she would get on well with Margot!

  4. That's what puddles and wellie are for. What fun.

  5. Rosa is my kind of girl! I have a very clear memory of having a red boot becoming stuck and slopping all the way home single booted.
    Other memories too, a sea of "Paddington boots" and duffel coats, all red or blue on rosy cheeked little ones. Now I choose to congratulate myself on knowing exactly where those coats are packed away rather than tear up (any further).

  6. What more could a three year old want!!

  7. I can just hear the squelching sound as that boot comes unstuck! K x

  8. and yes what a wonderful little 3 year old she is! proud mama that I am! Alice I just love your blog it is so wll written and laid out. I am going to become a fan. Demelzaxxxxxxxxx


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