Wednesday, 20 January 2010

MasterM settles in...

the following are genuine extracts from MasterM's induction programme

Day 1
a session where everyone learns the welcoming/ goodbye songs ... once they know the songs everyone gathers outside and the men and ladies sing their songs to each other

Day 2
first years fold "flowers" from crepe paper to put them into chicken mesh and create our RAG Float

Day 3
an overnight camp to learn values and how to be a brother in a co-ed residence coming back to the residence as gentlemen and brothers

Day 4
first year men come back from their overnight camp and bring the girls flowers

Day 5
the Dance Society teaches us how to salsa

I am quite sure that MasterM would not have learned to salsa in Edinburgh and so I feel that his decision to move to South Africa has been vindicated.


  1. And you are implying that he already knew how to fold "flowers" from crepe paper?

  2. Learning to Salsa, imagine the advantage he will have should he every be called upon to appear in Strictly?

  3. No way! I LOVE this!

  4. So unlike the hall life of our own dear students - you must be so relieved! I wonder if the Ploughboy might be persuaded to join him ... I can't even bear to think about agrics and inductions.

    Pomona x

  5. Beats 'pennying'. I must find out if they offer Japanese!

  6. I have a feeling that (for different reasons) we may enjoy Master M's time in South Africa as much as he does.

  7. do you mean he already knows how to fold crepe flowers?

    Awesome stuff.

    (I'm very very jealous)

  8. I need to know the welcoming songs. I just do.

  9. Learning how to be a gentleman, fold flowers and salsa? He will be in great demand.

  10. Learning the Salsa in South Africa? I'd call that a life lesson.

    The "Dance Society," huh?

  11. So glad he is all settled in! How exciting.

  12. Okay, I have recently watched the Planet Earth episode in which the men birds of paradise are singing for the lady birds of paradise. Perhaps it's something MasterM should look into. It seems like hard work . . .

  13. Mmm - I have a feeling that the crepe-paper flowers might not have been in evidence north of the border either

    All sounds jolly good fun though!

  14. I am delighted to learn also that he is learning how to be a gentleman in a coeducational residence. Of course, he might have been expected to learn that in Edinburgh too.
    I wish him the best as he embarks on this great journey in life! And, of course, to you and MrM as you deal with the distance....


  15. the image I have of Master M salsa dancing, through throngs of crepe paper flowers is bringing much needed colour to my world today xoxo

  16. That sounds like quite a Freshers' week! And what a fantastic experience!


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