Tuesday, 12 January 2010


In the midday sunshine
I left the Department

and climbed over the safety barrier
onto the path through the woods.

Very few people had walked that way
and the snow was soft and clean.

The Founders building looked like
an enchanted castle
hidden among the snowy trees

and the stone balustrade
was the perfect setting
for Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty.

It was a brief respite from the preparations
for the start of term,

examination papers,
staff shortages
and field trips.


  1. Overstepping boundaries? You want to watch out Mrs M, the White Witch will get you!

  2. What magical landscape ...

  3. Once again you take us on a magical journey with words and pictures. And crossing the safety barrier, tut tus but I do love virgin snow, how could you resist?

  4. bet there's not many people who can say they work in a place as beautiful as that.....

  5. Such recklessness, and all purely for our photographic viewing pleasure.
    You deserve a medal!
    Lynne x.

  6. You are much more of a rebel than I am. I salute you.

  7. What a beautiful place to work.

  8. what a beautiful place to work...

  9. I took my camera out with me when I walked Pip this morning - sometimes it needs to be seen through a lens, the places we take for granted, to see the beauty in the everyday.
    That balustrade is to die for.

  10. It all looks so magical. What a beautiful place to work. Makes me miss university...well, almost! K x

  11. I can't get over the fact that this is where you work. It is beautiful.

  12. Royal Holloway!!! Just found your website from a link over at Dragonfly and couldn't believe it when I saw your photos! I went to RH to do an MSc a couple of years ago, it's so funny seeing it under the snow again! Isn't it such a beautiful place!

  13. Sun and snow! Those are gorgeous pictures.

  14. Snow covered castles are all well and good but that's a fine Rover. I'll have one of those.

  15. Oh it is so beautiful there where you work! Lovely!


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