Friday, 28 October 2011

Button Drama

All good knitting stories
end with the sentence:

"...and then I found
the perfect little vintage button
in my button box."

this knitting story ends with a saga:

disappointment (no vintage buttons!)
anxiety (no button shops on campus!)
danger (visit to grimy end of town!)
indecision (which buttons ????)
multiple purchasing (more indecision!)

if anyone wants square buttons,
pearl four hole buttons,
elephant shaped buttons,
heart shaped buttons,
flower shaped buttons
wood two hole buttons
I'm your woman
because I went with the
pearlised round two hole buttons.

I hope the baby agrees with my choice.


  1. If the baby has taste, the baby will agree. Looks like a very beautiful and cozy sweater.

  2. wait?!
    you knit delicate little baby sweaters.
    I bow down before you.

  3. All these years later I still have buttons with ducks on and rabbit shaped buttons, bought when my children were babies and I couldn't decide..............

    Your knitting looks beautiful.

  4. I'm with Menopausalmusing, I too still have most of the ones from your list in my button box but the perfect little wooden ones I bought specially... couldn't find those anywhere.
    Gorgeous woolly.


  5. Lovely little cardi. Like the others, I have surplus butons - but never the ones I want!

  6. Those pretty owls look like they've had enough of the button saga.

    I think you made the correct decision though - the cardie looks just right.

  7. very sweet and elegant.


    (I don't get elephant buttons... seriously? elephanst?)

  8. Love the cardy & the buttons & the descriptions of the other buttons (always good to have a choice of buttons!)

  9. Looks like the perfect choice!

  10. has this surreptiously turned into a craft blog ?? I think we should be told

  11. even surreptitiously -- festina lente, esp on Fridays

  12. I agree with RW, on top of everything else you knit too? Perhaps this is your chance now to open your own button shop in a non seedy part of town? Sounds like you have the inventory!

  13. I agree with MrM -- that is quite a fine piece of knitting to lay on us all of a sudden on a Friday morning. Something like that would have taken me about 40 well-documented and disastrous posts. You're already finished it, found the buttons, and PUT THEM ON! Hmph.

  14. You knit? Properly? I mean, you start and finish things? I am awe-struck.

  15. Lovely sweater. Not only baby, but mum will be pleased!

  16. Our button box is full of rubbish. I'd be lucky to find two matching ones, let alone a Vintage Find.

  17. Perfect button choice Mrs M


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