Tuesday, 18 October 2011


a Sunday morning
before the crowds arrive...
what to do?

around Queen Square
and up George Street

down Milsom Street
and along Quiet Street
to drink coffee in a bookshop

around the Circus,
along the Royal Crescent
and back past the Assembly Rooms

down Walcot Street to the Bell
to listen to Phil King

down to the Sydney Gardens
to explore the Holburne museum
and admire the netsuke

and then across Pulteney bridge
to the London Road...

and all day long
the sun shone
in a cobalt sky


  1. And, it would seem, that you were the only two people in all of Bath...or maybe it just felt that way.

  2. Exquisite photos of a beautiful city!

  3. very Jane Austen...it looks wonderful, keep enjoying it!

  4. What glorious photos and how exciting to hear there are netsuke in the Holburne Museum. I am mildly obsessed with them since reading The Hare With Amber Eyes.

  5. great buildings but a lot more fun with the right person

  6. PS the Bell always appeals to my more raffish alter ego which does not normally get much of a opportunity to disport itself

  7. Aww, MrM, what a a lovely sentiment.

    Mrs M, beautiful pictures and thank you for the link to Phil King, he has a lovely voice. So good to see Bath again.

  8. Alysha in SeattleOctober 18, 2011

    My favorite place in England. Lovely photographs. What a lucky woman you are!

  9. What a lovely post! Well worth getting up early to have this beautiful city to yourselves. Really nice shots. Thanks for taking me with you!

  10. Thank you for the trip down memory lane. I lived in or near Bath for years ... love that city, especially in sunlight :D

  11. i love Bath. only been there once many years ago and would so much love to visit again... Sally Lund and the San Fransisco Fudge factory ( well i like eating good ftuff) are two places in Bath i `ll never forget : )

  12. A place I love captured beautifully.


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