Tuesday, 11 October 2011

the world comes to me

The Miracle of St.George of the Dragon
XVIth century
Kukasovo, Karelia

My friend, the Deputy Exams Officer,
travelled to Finland and Russia in September
and came back with wonderful photos
of birch forests and lakes,
small villages and impressive cities,
tiny skete and imposing cathedrals.

As he described the fascinating interiors
of the churches and monasteries
I thought of my friend RW
who has written about
the sacred liturgy of her community
and helped me to understand a little
of the life of the Orthodox Church in Canada.

This post is for RW
with thanks for her continued friendship
and inspiring photography on her own blogs
an acceptable time
West of Hope


  1. Apparently the world comes to you in all sorts of ways: I dreamt last night that my secondborn and I were seated at your dinner table having a chat, when suddenly Mr M (who bore an alarming resemblance to the Duke of Edinburgh) suggested we all attend a singalong somewhere.

    Is this likely to happen?

  2. this post reminded me of my homecountry greece. the churches and monasteries there are very similar to russia`s since the are both into the orthodox religion.
    i love the atmosphare in those places, and the icons are always amazing : )

  3. I have been to Finland several times but never met the word 'skete'. I had to investigate, of course, so now I have a new word, thank you. Finland is a beautiful country.

  4. RW is quite lovely as I can attest as well. :)

    Love the St. George icon... one of my favourite Saints! :)

  5. geez.
    thank you dear alice.
    it is a pleasure.
    the admiration is mutual.


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