Saturday, 7 April 2012


This is not our cat
but on sunny days
when the back door is open
it sometimes pays a visit.

Poppy would be appalled.


  1. Handsome kitty - like the two tone leg thing it's got going on.

  2. Lovely photo. I do like a cat with unmatching legs - my Lottie has those.

  3. What a beautiful cat - my next door neighbour's cat gets a bit confused as to where his home is - as soon as I open the back door - in he skips and makes himself at home.

  4. What a nice treat for you!

  5. We love cats, when they're neat, polite and behave.
    So a cat paying a visit very now and then, comin in form the backdoor and sitting politely woule be very welcome indeed.
    Otherwise, not.

  6. Pretty cat, but I am a dog person through and through.

  7. i adore both. Have lived happily--and peaceably--with both. Too tired, now, to take care of a dog properly, but happily live with one for a week or two when blessed with an invitation to care for a friend's.

    Wishing you and all the M's a very Happy Easter. Enjoy some chocolate.

  8. A very handsome cat, I would not mind if it visited me.


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