Tuesday, 28 May 2013

peaceful days

My greatest luxury is breakfast in the sunshine.

A jug of orange juice, a bowl of fruit salad,
some warm hot cross buns from the freezer.

The lazy sound of bees and purr of a visiting cat.

The fresh blue of shirts hung out to dry.

The fragrance of a thyme plant on the table.

There is no rush - everything else can wait.

Peaceful days like these are hard earned
and not a moment should be wasted.


  1. As I read this I could almost see you wriggling your toes......

  2. Oh yes, our garden was a wonderful place to be yesterday too. These photos are divine. I can almost smell the thyme. The less said about today's weather the better.

  3. Sounds lovely - breafast here is a battfield most days. Husband deals with mother-in-law's complaints and I grab whatever comes to hand and retreat - though I did drink my juice sitting on a step in the garden yesterday.

  4. Lovely - or read and remember that last week the sun shone a bit... Now, not so much!


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