Monday, 15 February 2010

Reality Check

Sue has written a thought-provoking post
about the problem of self-editing.

Just in case you thought
that my life was all about
china and cupcakes
here is a story
to redress the balance:

Yesterday I saw a young man at a bus stop
who looked just like MasterM
and, for a moment, I thought that it was him
but then I remembered that
MasterM had just emailed to let us know
that he was wine-tasting in Stellenbosch.

I concentrated very very hard
on the hot-pink primula flowers
which I had just bought
and, after a while,
I stopped crying.

MasterM is having a wonderful time
but I am his mother
and I miss him.


  1. Ah yes, the tyranny of distance.

  2. I have never had that happen, but I can feel the sting just thinking about it. How long until you see MasterM?

  3. Oh, why must life be such a stinker? Sending you cyber hugs of understanding. And the flowers are beautiful.

  4. Aaaah. You brought a lump to my throat. I hope you get to wrap your arms around him again very very soon.

  5. If only there was a handbook handed out when you had them.................

  6. Oh Alice. Sending you hugs too. And thank for the link to Sue. She says it all very well. K x

  7. Everyone else has already said it Alice... but I'm sending huge hugs too.

  8. Oh Alice - I do so feel for you - that horrible sinking realisation when you realise it's not the person you thought it was is no less severe whether the separation is permanent or temporary - nothing anyone can say can lessen your grieving, for that is what it is - just sending you (((hugs))) instead

  9. "the cure for everything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea" (I. Dinesen)

    I know it won't make you feel any closer to him... but, well, I bet he misses you too. And I'm someone who's been living away from her mum for 20 years now... it doesn't go away.

  10. Oh dear!
    I'm putting my arm around you.

  11. How beautifully you describe this same thing that I have experienced too... my eldest son is in Australia and before that he was in New York... I miss him badly and have a couple of times 'seen' him around town... when my younger son put on his jacket once to see if it was worth pinching I felt like he was in the room... so strange, quite heartbreaking. Not that we don't want them to be having a wonderful time, of' just like you say, we are their mothers.

  12. Oh Alice. Letting go just doesn't get any easier.

  13. I often wonder what I will do the day my only child will leave home. I like to think I'll be the strong, cool mom, helping him out the door.
    Now I doubt it.
    You made me think, hard.

  14. There is a multitude of mothers who understand your sorrow.

    I cry at the mere thought of my children being away the reality must be ten times worse.

    Thank you for sharing.


  15. Oh. Dear.
    This makes me appreciate my son's presence all the more.

  16. Oh Alice! That really tugs at the heartstrings and you know why. Huge hugs. Bobby x

  17. Oh. Alice.

    If it would help, I could send you a Latte to smear your brand new Chanel lipstick all over the mirror.

  18. Oh dear. Hugs to you... I think that you and Mr M need to consider booking tickets to SA sometime soon....


  19. Oh, Alice. You've made me cry too.

    I left the Smalls alone with their grandparents overnight for the first time last night - at least they think I did. In reality when it came to it I simplay couldn't do it so I sneaked back after they were asleep and made sure they didn't find me asleep in my bed this morning. They were, of course, fine.


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