Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Will she remember...

the tailored cut of the ivory dress
and the weight of her Prefect's purple gown

the fabulous costumes of her friends:
saris, turbans, kilts, ostrich feathers

the heat of the day
and the cool shadows of the evening

the fragrance of the bowl of strawberries
and the luscious ripeness of the cherries

the wrist ribbons she shared with her friends
and the warm hugs of her teachers

champagne at breakfast,
cream cakes at tea
and chocolate fountain at night

dancing all night in four inch heels
with the Charming MasterN.

I hope that, above all, she remembers
the smiles of her mother and father

we were so very proud of her.


  1. I'm sure she will. It all looks fabulous.

  2. What a gorgeous way to celebrate the ending of one's school career.

    Will we hear more of Master N?

  3. Such lovely images of a magical time. Congratulations to all!

  4. How could she possibly forget these magnificent memories, the stepping stones of her life? Thank you for sharing these sublime festivities!

  5. Congratulations, Miss M!

  6. surely she won't forget those gorgeous pink stilletoes?

    And now she has this blog post to remind her ..

  7. What a beautiful record of a milestone.

  8. I went to the wrong school.

  9. She WILL remember......... oh, she WILL.............

  10. How could anyone forget?

    What an absolute treat to see you both in that picture.

  11. And now I can see from where the beautiful Miss M gets her wonderful smile.

    Those shoes! Oh My, how old I am growing, my toes seemed to throb just looking.

  12. How utterly fabulous! A far cry from the way my eldest will end his school career next year but at least he will have the prom, I have no recollection of any event to mark the end of my schooling.

  13. She will, and so will you. `warm and fuzzy glows all round the M households.

  14. What an exciting day and it all looks so respectable. Do the school leavers over there have that awful 'Schoolies week' which just seems to have become one big binge and out of control party in this country?

    I left school and started work before the end of my final year so I have no memories of a school ending celebration.

    MissM and you both look divine....I too gasped in pain at those heels.... I am sure she will treasure those memories :-)

  15. What a lovely day, I know she'll remember everything. And she looked beautiful - no wonder you were so proud.

  16. AnonymousJuly 14, 2010

    I shed a little tear of pride for her too.

  17. Warmest best wishes.

    Just lovely.

  18. I'm sure she will remember every moment.

  19. feeling a little vaclemp here on the west coast of canada. talk amongst yourselves.

  20. Oh. How mgical, and how wonderful to see the two of you together.

  21. How wonderful. You must be so proud of her! Love the pic of you two together!

  22. Due to laptop problems I missed this very important post.
    My belated congratulations for:
    a. A beautiful young girl who's obviously a smart chick
    b. The sentiment in your posts which always touch deep
    c. The sweet photo of you two where I can detect ALL of your pride
    d. Showing me that schools abroad are REAL schools with REAL graduations. We got NONE of that.
    May you always sport that smile MissM!

  23. Well if she doesn't, (and why would she not?, how could she not?)I will.
    How lovely to see you at last.
    I smiled and smiled.


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