Thursday, 22 July 2010

Helen's Garden Party

I know that I promised not to mention china...

or flowers...

or cake...

(particularly not chocolate cake...)

but I was invited to tea
in a very pretty garden,
filled with lavender and agapanthus

by Helen, a lovely friend
that I have known
since before MasterM was born.

What could I do?

Especially as it was all in aid of
The Alzheimers Society

I only wish that I had taken more photographs.

Hungry now?


  1. Well, you could just have forgotten that you promised that under the circumstances - I think that is what you did. Lovely photos.

  2. AAAAAAlliccce! You KNOW I am anticipating tea on Sunday, the second real tea of my 58 year old life. Did you have to raise the barr just now? ;~) Hope you had some of each!

  3. An afternoon tea done as perfectly as only the English know how ..

    my mouth is completely watering..

  4. Oh it all looks perfect. Does it make me a bit sad though, that I'm most excited about the agapanthus? Oh, and maybe the teacups. Oh, who am I kidding, I want a scone now. For breakfast.

  5. Great cause - and some thing just have to be done :o) Cakes look gorgeous but not for me - I can be strong - stop your tempting!

  6. Yes but I know what I'm having for tea now. Cucumber sandwiches.

  7. But with such beautiful china, flowers and cake it would have been silly not to have broken yourpromise.

  8. Hungry for more china photos!

  9. some promises are meant to be broken.
    it looks truly amazing x

  10. Only English know how to do a tea party.
    So inviting and polished.

  11. hello Alice,
    i would have not taken any photos but been busy drinking tea and eating cakes!
    wishing you a happy Summer,
    warmest wishes
    ginny x

  12. Gosh, what a lovely spread. Almost too good to eat - well, I did say almost. Such a good cause, too.

  13. I'll have some of that first cake, please. Tea with milk and sugar.
    (Which is what your posts are like! Tea, with milk and sugar! Warm and inviting!)

  14. Mark would like a pink one please. And why don't I ever make cucumber sandwiches?

  15. Are those strawberries on top of strawberry scones? The decadence and deliciousness!

  16. AnonymousJuly 22, 2010

    I love the little flower on the cake. Touches like that melt my heart.

  17. Now I want cake too! One of each if I'm honest...

  18. What gorgeous photos! Almost as tasty as the tea and cakes! It was a perfect English afternoon - eat your heart out, Sydney! Or maybe I should re-phrase that, I think that's what I did on the chokki cake...

    Thank you Helen. Please do more!

  19. You are forgiven...and encouraged.

  20. Oh yes--and it's only just breakfast time! K x

  21. The photos were more and more luscious, and at the final one I involuntarily called out 'Dolly Mixtures!' - thanks for such a lovely little journey :)


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