Monday, 6 February 2012

MrM takes charge

Have I ever said bad things about MrM?
I take them back without reservation!

Today he assembled a new iron bedstead
piece by piece, screw by screw,
without any tantrums.
There was no losing of vital washers,
throwing of packaging,
dropping of heavy things on toes,
missing of vital steps,
confusion of right and left sides,
muddling up instructions.
There was no cursing.

I could only watch admiringly
and ponder on the long term benefits
of Meccano kits for Christmas.

There is a coffee cake in his future.


  1. You are a lucky woman indeed, mine makes a lot of noise when he is doing jobs like that, not all of the words are printable.

  2. Gather round girls: we are witnessing the evolution of the species - live, at Alice's place.

  3. Definitely coffee cake requirement to be met. I think if you kind of squint when looking at those instructive pictures that frequently accompany such kits there is a picture of cake in the background.

  4. A veritable saint. Especially as he let you watch all this - I hate being watched! Cake is definitely deserved.

  5. I've been reading your blog for a while and feel a bit impolite for not having said "hello". Thus, I do say "hello!" now and would also like to point out that Mr.M deserves several pieces of coffee cake after such an accomplishment!

  6. He would have found the job very different with a seven year old to help him.

  7. a well deserved coffee cake indeed!

  8. He is a very clever man and certainly deserves a large coffee cake all to himself.

  9. Definitely he has earned a coffee cake. Surely you can deny him no longer?

  10. no leftover pieces of coffee cake ...?

    Chance would be a fine thing

    Mutter, mutter

  11. Halleluja!

    For the coffee cake, that is.

  12. My goodness Mr M is a paragon of virtue, my husband obviously didn't have Meccano for Christmas as a child ...

  13. MrsM, I am noting how judicious you are with your coffee cake, smart woman. Yesterday after explaining to someone a pesky chore my husband has been doing, she offered me these words, "Don't get rid of him." Just sharing the advice. xo

  14. Heh heh, I have a cousin who was a Meccano nut and is now a very highly respected globetrotting engineer :)


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