Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Winter Roses

Audrey, my mother-in-law,
has always loved beautiful things.

As a young woman
Audrey saved her allowance to buy
black basalt Wedgwood china

and later, when she had her own home,
she filled it with lovely glassware
and fabulous fabrics.

Audrey has a particular passion
for Eastern European and Scandanavian folk art
and brought back artisan work
from her many European adventures.

These are beautiful Rosemaling designs
from the fjord valleys of Norway,
roses which bloom in the depths of winter.

I send them to Audrey with my love
to brighten a grey February day.


  1. Audrey is, as we are, lucky to have you.

  2. Your blog is such a wonderful reminder to me of this blessed ability we have to share across the miles, across the mediums and across the friendships! I love it. Thank you!

  3. I adore rosemaling. Years ago I took folk art painting classes specifically so I could learn this beautiful art form. Along the way I was distracted and painted a lot of "cute" pieces but I still love stroke work best. Must dust off my brushes.

  4. beautiful!!

    Absolutely beautiful. Thanks Alice.

  5. Another lovely post Alice. I didn't know that "Rosemaling" was the name of this type of design........ Now that I do, however, I shall of course be off "Googling"!

  6. I stand beside sweet Bb, nodding at her words. While smiling.

  7. Strokework always scares me until I start and then I get lost in the flow. Thank you Alice for brightening my day too.

  8. Such beautiful things, thank you.

  9. The colours are breath-taking.


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