Friday, 17 February 2012

Tomato and Mozzarella salad

I don't use Pinterest
but many visitors to this blog
arrive via Google images,
especially for my photos of food.
You are welcome but I urge you to read
Sue's thoughtful post
and ask yourself if all of your pins
are correctly linked to the image owner.


Blogger has changed the word verification
and what was a simple spam filter
has become a nuisance
so I have removed it.

I have also moved back
to the old Blogger interface
because the new interface
was reducing the image size.

Blogger, I am a loyal customer
but you are driving me crazeeee.


  1. oh! you are making me glad I never switched to the new blogger :)

  2. Me too Elizabeth! Also I have never had the word verification thingy on my blog and never had spambot comments either. If I do I shall simply delete them.

    Very good points about Pinterest. I find Tumblr bloggers are the worst offenders for not crediting images.

  3. hello alice,

    i like tomato and mozzerlla salad!
    hope all's well with you x
    and yes i read sue's post and re-checked all my pins.

    lots of love
    Ginny xx

  4. I loathe the new word verification thingies - cannot read them at all!

    And you DO know that there is a piece of code you can put on your blog that stops people pinning your photos, don't you? If it bothers you.

  5. You are a Saint, I really do hate that "prove you are not a robot" thingie.
    In fact, I wish I were sometimes ...
    but not here darling.

    This dish screams SUMMER.

  6. that new word verif is truly awful. thankyou for making it go away. I took mine off months ago and blogger do a pretty good job of sorting the spam.

  7. I tried the option of listening to the word verification........ sigh......... even worse!

  8. I have just joined Pinterest too. I shall be mindful of the advice. xx The word verification thing is a pain. I can't read most of them.

  9. the only person who drives me crazeee is MrsM - in the nicest possible way of course

  10. MrM, that is not the way to a coffee cake - is it?

    Thank you dear Alice for removing the awful WV. As Menopausal says the verbal option is pretty useless too.

    Pretty picture by the way.

  11. I feel like I should know what pinterest is.

  12. I struggle with this issue. I presume, you not only photographed the tomato salad but created it as well? If you did not make it, would it not be appropriate to credit the chef as well? The farmers too?
    Sharing of any kind invites risk. If I insisted everything I ever created in my kitchen or in my studio be traceable back to me I would not be able to create at all! When it leaves here, I let it go, there is always more where that came from.

  13. It's such a contentious topic but I agree with Sue's post. If everyone acted towards others in the same way that they'd like to be treated themselves then there would be no need for a discussion. Lovely looking salad by the way x
    PS: hope you got my email on knitterly thinkings?

  14. Hooray! I can comment again!

  15. Ok. But my god that salad looks delicious. Where on earth did you find a tomato at this time of year?


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