Monday, 12 November 2012

Albert, Samuel, William, Albert

11am Remembrance Sunday

Albert, Samuel, William, Albert...

Each year these names resonate
from cold granite facings
in this country churchyard.
Albert the blacksmith's lad,
Samuel the parson's son,
William the postman
and Albert his brother.

The birds fly up at the crackle
of the bugle into the blueness
of every November day since
they left the village,
but in the long distance
the cows on the green skyline
wait patiently for their return.

Alice Christie
11 xi 12


thank you for your moving posts
to commemorate Remembrance Sunday

the Quince Tree
an acceptable time


  1. Liz in Missouri (USA)November 12, 2012

    Veterans's Day in the US. November 11. September 11. Too many 11's already. Both my parents were veterans of WWII. So many friends are veterans of Vietnam and Desert Storm. I watch my Grandsons, especially the one in ROTC, who have grown up with an on-going war and my heart fills with Pride, and sorrow, and confusion and Prayers. God Bless them all.

  2. So moving. So sad. The bugle and lowering of the flags bring a lump to my throat every year. x

  3. So very moving. Thank you Alice


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