Thursday, 22 November 2012

friends near and far

Have you visited Julia in Prague recently?
She has started to post everyday
and it is a delight to discover the city.
It is also fun to learn more about Julia
who has been a loyal commenter on this blog.
Audrey, my mother-in-law, loves Prague
and insists that we must visit soon.
I say "Well...I have a friend who lives there..."


Happy Thanksgiving
to Julia and all my American friends.
I wish you a peaceful weekend.


  1. I love discovering a new blog. An M&S is Prague,well I never? Thank you Alice

  2. Thank you! You know we would love to see you and your family in Prague and I would have a super time thinking up M family things to do!

  3. Thanks Alice for introducing me to Julia's blog, for she had the most wonderful song by Mary Chapin Carpenter there, and such a terrific entry about a lovely boisterous family!77

  4. I haven't been to see Julia in far too long. Thanks for the kick.


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