Monday, 19 November 2012

endings & beginnings

It was a weekend
for doing things
that I have wanted to do
for months...

I organised the garlic bowl
and accessorised the fruit bowl.
These things are important.

I tried to eat healthily.
The lemon drizzle cake will be
displayed for your approval tomorrow.

I cooked cauliflower cheese
and MrM humoured me
because I have been ill.

I  ripped out too many rows
which will teach me not to multitask
by watching thrillers while I knit.

I replaced the candles
and dusted the mantlepiece
and washed the kitchen floor.

And listened to music.


  1. Most industrious, most imdustrious indeed.

  2. It all looks soothing. Looking forward to the Lemon Drizzle, though.

  3. Sounds like you're ready to go again. Recharging weekends are the best.

  4. well the only thing our weekend have in common is the cauliflower cheese!!


  5. Well that sounds like it was just dandy... the perfect weekend for recharging batteries.

  6. The humoring, I will take that, and the music, maybe the lemon drizzle cake, but the rest just sounds . . . too strenuous! Have a rest this week, you deserve it!

    (And knitting, I will definitely have to pass on the knitting, all thumbs here!)

  7. MrsM made Mrs Tiggywinkle look positively slothful

  8. Ah. Very satisfying. I am working up the strength to do those things here, and I know what you mean about the knitting . . .

  9. And I thought that, perhaps, I was the only one to have a garlic bowl...


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