Monday, 23 June 2014


I had a cooking frenzy this weekend.
It started with homemade tortilla
and then slid into a cascade of
perfectly marinaded meat,
delicious summer vegetables
and golden pan fried potatoes.
It was all very unusual,
I assune it was due to the weather.
MrM loyally ate everything without complaint,
down to the last mouthful of lemon posset.

Blogging may be a bit patchy this week,
things to do, people to see,
Back on track at the weekend
unless this cooking thing
is a chronic condition.

In the meantime go visiting!

Rachel parks the car
Jen tries to park the car
domestic novice climbs towers
Nurse Nancy has a new job
Lucille mingles with Swedish soldiers
Monica is flaunting her eggs
sweet baby Geneva is smiling

and we send best love to bb and K
as they recover from their accident.

must dash,
Happy Monday everyone.


  1. Don't be gone too long - I have lots of reading time on my hands!

  2. That was thoughtful for Bb but not too much for me ...I'm on the run too! See ya later all!

  3. AnonymousJune 23, 2014

    What is this thing called cooking? Que?

    Thank you for the linky things, some very new to me.

  4. I hope that your week is good - just like your weekend was! - even if it is busy. xx

  5. Your cooking frenzy sounds so wonderful, I think MrM is very lucky to be there for all of those lovely dishes.

    Slán go fóill,

  6. Oh no, all that extra reading, now I'll never get anything done (but thanks anyway).
    Incidentally I thought Lemon Posset came from Sainsbury's, just like custard comes in tins or boxes.

  7. I always have cooking frenzies when the weather is nice. Nothing quite like eating it all in the garden. And bless Mr M for sacrificing himself.


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