Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Jolly Girls' Outing

had another day out at the
Chelsea Physic Garden!
It was the most beautiful sunny day
and there were irresistible vistas at every turn.

This time our outing was strictly educational
and we were very focused on our primary objective
which was lunch in the wonderful cafe.

People, if you live in or near London
eat at the Chelsea Physic Garden. Just do it.

Think beautiful salads and eye-popping cakes
served on scrubbed pine tables
decorated with red treacle tins filled with paeonies.

We were so committed that we sat down immediately
and waited until lunchtime, filling the time
with educational commentary and analysis of
the fashion for orange nail polish and suchlike.

After lunch we wandered around
and Jane, who is a serious gardener, advised us all
and Helen listened intently because she has a new garden.

I got a bit distracted by a shameless magpie
who decided to have a bath right next to me.
and Caroline became obsessed with the huge cat
who lives on the garden compost heap.

All in all it was another fab day out
and I am so grateful to have a group of friends
who share my passions for roses, cake and nail polish.


  1. What a perfect day you chose. Last time I went it was raining. But it's still my favourite place in London for lunch.

  2. It's so beautiful there. It sounds like a lovely day out with your friends.

  3. Honestly - if one more ex-pat asks me "Why the heck would you want to move from Perth, Australia to the wet and grey UK" - well I shall just throw my lap top at them - with the screen bookmarked on this delightful post.

    HUbby and I watch "Escape to the Country" religiously here and whenever they show one of the many magnificent vistas we sigh and swoon and dream of the day we get to pack up and set of for an adventure in 'Ol Blighty ... ♥♥♥

  4. What a lovely place it sounds to have a delicious lunch full of girly chatter in such beautiful surroundings - you certainly know how to live.

  5. Lunch with friends is one of the best things to do, and to do it in a beautiful place makes it even better.
    I am out of touch with nail polish, but orange nail polish....yuk!

  6. Corncockles peeping through willow twigs. Thankyou dear Alice x

  7. Dear Alice,

    Here I am, overcoming my shyness and finally commenting, because who can resist an irresistible vista?

    Slán go fóill,

  8. And a brilliant gluten-free choice for those of us who need it! Wonderful place!

  9. A much nicer educational outing than I've ever experienced!

  10. Feeling just a smidge jealous...

  11. So it took me 45 years to visit London one time, at this pace I might be able to visit this magnificent place at 90.
    OY. It looks so inviting, peaceful, colorful, marvellous.

  12. heart...
    i shoulda been born over there


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