Monday, 9 June 2014

The Sum of the Parts

In which we have a barbecue in the garden.

We drank Pimms by the jug, of course.
MissM is the family Pimms mixologist.

Meanwhile, MasterM was chef for the day
and everything was perfectly marinaded and cooked.
MrM stood by to learn advanced skills.

MrsM did the salads and remembered too late
that she had eaten the emergency peanuts
so had to improvise with pumpkin seeds.
Nobody died.

The strawberries were left to warm in the sun
while we cooked marshmallows
on the last of the coals.

It is so rare and precious that we are all together
and it was perfect.
All of it.


  1. ... picture perfect, I'd add. And if there were a picture of the four of you ... I know, I know ... I'm asking too much now ...

  2. It sounds like a perfect family time together! I haven't toasted a marshmallow in so long! Shame that it is far too early in the day to be doing such things right now. xx

  3. It does indeed look perfect. We had a garden party for my Mum's 70th birthday this weekend which involved Pimms, but when putting together we could not find the oranges anywhere, so had to do without. It was only when we were tidying up at the end of the day that Mum found them...still in the carrier bag in the hall.....under a pile of presents, banners and balloons!

  4. I love your blog.
    I love your sense of humour.
    I love the way you piece observations with photographs.
    I wish I could do it.
    Pimms sounded great. Drat I'm on a serious diet.
    We did see the Cirque du Soleil yesterday at the O2 tho'.
    I can imagine what you would have to say about it!
    Just didn't taste the same as Pimms.
    Keep writing.
    Thank you.

  5. I love the way that everyone does their bit - a proper family gathering.

  6. Sounds lovely. Great Pimm's fans in this house. How nice to all be home together.

  7. it does indeed sound perfect, except that I'm quite shocked that you drank Pimms from the jug, I felt sure that you would have had glasses.....

  8. AnonymousJune 10, 2014

    Ha! (driftwood)

    Sounds wonderful -- yum.

  9. AnonymousJune 14, 2014

    All together, how marvellous.


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