Tuesday, 7 October 2014


...in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania...

MasterM has seen his first cheetah.
An ambition realised.

Also, he forgot to put the rubbish bag in the car.
So it became jackal pick'n'mix outside the tent.
Not much sleep that night.


  1. Oh my!! Quite a mix of experiences and emotions that day then. The picture of the cheetah is lovely. xx

  2. That sounds like the highs and lows of an adventure. That cheetah is beautiful, lucky man.

  3. I've always been fascinated by Cheetahs. Lucky man!

  4. And we complain about the jackdaws ripping open the rubbish bag between putting them out first thing and the van coming to collect. I should love to see a wild cheetah.

  5. All sounds terrifying to me, but then I live in perpetual fear of being eaten by a mountain lion.

  6. Lordy, he does live dangerously!


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