Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Positive Thinking

Quattro Stagioni: Autunno
Cy Twombly

Dear Friends and Autumnaholics,

I tried to make a list of Things to Do in Autumn
but I ground to an uninspired halt at number three.

Mr Google recommended resoling shoes and cleaning the duvet
which it didn't send me into a frenzy of anticipation.

I can't eat just apple cake and walk in the beech woods
please tell me what else I should be looking forward to in Autumn...

Yours desperately,


  1. crispy leaves
    crisp mornings
    fog in the low-lying areas
    the way that sun looks coming through the fog
    full moon and clear skies
    unbelievably blue skies
    every single blade of glass outlined in frost
    looking out the window at falling leaves while cradling a cup of tea
    cozy sweaters
    leather boots
    leaves every color of the rainbow
    trees that look like they're glowing when it's sunny
    football (American)
    the smell of dry dead leaves
    new pencils (and other school supplies)

    this is my favorite time of year.=) But I know that many people, including my dad, struggle with it. I hope that things get better soon.

  2. Tricky isn't it, autumn needs lots of clearing and cleaning jobs in preparation for winter doesn't it. I like bike rides before it gets too cold. CJ xx

  3. Oh, that is a gorgeous painting. I have very little inspiration to offer you, Autumn to me is books and cooking and knitting.

  4. If it will ever come back I'll let you know. I haven't seen autumn in a long time.

  5. Get up early (before the sun), take a walk to the top of a nearby hill and watch the sun rise. Autumn is the perfect time for this as you don't have to get up quite so early as you would in the summer!

  6. I'm planning on hibernating through the winter, so maybe autumn needs to be a time of gathering supplies. I'd hate to deprive the squirrels of their nuts, so I'll collect cake, would you like a slice?

  7. When more leaves have fallen go to a local park, make a big pile of leaves, then wearing your favourite warm coat, leather boots, scarf and gloves throw them in the air and kick the hell out of them as if you were 5 years old. Works on so many levels.

  8. Go to a proper Bonfire Night gathering, take sparklers, roast potatoes, wear mittens. It's by far my favourite autumnal celebration!

  9. Attend a community juicing day
    Go conkering and challenge MrM
    Join a fungi foray
    Gather hips, nuts, sloes...
    Make cordials and liqueurs and then carry them in a hip flask through winter to hold the cold at bay.
    Marvel at the many coloured leaves, crunch them under foot and take lots of photos .
    Visit a deer rut
    Spot migrating birds
    Photograph frosted spiders webs, there are lots this year
    Have a bonfire and eat toffee
    Eat more cake

    1. Now I can't stop singing "Autumn days when the grass is jewelled and the silk inside a chestnut shell..."

  10. Wow Mrs M, you have a great list of suggestions there. I can sympathise though with the discomfort that the change of season can bring. I always try to do a little Autumn cleaning at this time of year, house, wardrobe, diet and mind and eat more cake, read more books and walk-I love frosty mornings. This year I plan to embrace some really slow cooking, light more candles and eat more cake.

  11. Wow, you really don't like fall? Hmm. I like Christy's list a lot. I'd add eat cider doughnuts and cider and go to the beach. Do you have those things there? (I mean the doughnuts, and the cider -- non-alcoholic.) The blue skies are really really something, especially with maple leaves against them, but that may be a New England thing, too. I like the change of light, and how as the leaves fall you can see more of the landscape again. I like the crispness of the air and soup and squash and the feeling that it's nice to go inside. I like getting pleasantly chilled and wanting a sweater and thinking about lighting a fire. I am certainly not cleaning any duvets, although I did take some shoes to be resoled, oddly. I'm in California, a place which doesn't really do seasons very well, but even here I think the light makes me remember New England falls. Can you imagine living on the equator? I cannot.

  12. Go for a walk, observe, observe, observe and go home to write, write, write your beautiful poetry. cath

  13. Go jumping in piles of leaves, bake, gather seedheads that are dried out and display them in a vase and position it so that they will cast shadows on the wall, bake, get a new scented candle, bake, snuggle in with a good book or crafting project, or, bake...... xx

  14. Oooh, I LOVE autumn! I'll clean my house imagining I'm going to re-create cozy scenes from Victorian novels for the winter--you know, getting ready to shut out the harsh wind and settle in by the fire. I also suggest:
    making a playlist of your favorite music that has an autumnal flavor (you might start with Vivaldi's Autumn, or even the Mama's and the Papa's California Dreamin)
    make parkin or gingerbread and enjoy it with a richer, spicer tea than normal
    read (or re-read) a classic Gothic novel
    pull your sweaters and lovely autumnal colors (spiced orange, cranberry, olive) to the front of your closet
    collect colored leaves and preserve them (iron between waxed paper or use Mod Podge)
    visit an Oktoberfest, even if you don't drink anything
    Bake (or buy) an apple pie
    Make tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner one night
    Read a ghost story
    Try to determine what makes the smell of autumn different from the smell of other seasons
    Make a bonfire
    Crochet or knit or sew something seasonal and fairly simple--crocheted or knitted scarves, maybe sewn felt mittens
    Color an autumn image--it sounds juvenile, but it's super relaxing and fun. There are tons of free images to color on the internet
    Cook something special with root vegetables--I have a special autumn stew that I make
    Use fall-scented candles around the house
    Pull out the lap blankets and drape them over the sofas
    Paint your fingernails or toenails a lovely, dark, rich color
    Bake bread, especially pumpkin bread, or apple cheddar bread
    Have some mulled wine
    Just enjoy the moments.

  15. I am going to be drinking Jeeves & Jericho Blacurrant Pop fruit tea, in a special mug given by a darling niece, whilst looking out of the window at the trees above the railway cutting and wearing my cashmere cowl and fleece jacket. Happy Autumn!


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