Wednesday, 7 August 2013

MrM, counsellor

Plato Teapot
Designer Martin Hunt (2004)

The thing I dislike about myself the most
is my ability to completely forget
that I have made a cup of tea.
I turn around 10 minutes later
and find a half cold, stewed mug of tea.

You need to get out more.
In the spectrum of personal vice
that is not really making the grade.

But I can't understand
how I can forget
I have made a cup of tea
within 2 minutes of making it.

You are busy. End of.


image : © Victoria and Albert Museum, London


  1. Phew! I'm not alone in participating in this strange phenomenon! :)

    What a lovely blog you have here, am now a follower.

  2. Welcome and thank you! I must confess immediately that it is the Comment Crew that make this blog lovely - my job is to give them things to chat about.

  3. Liz in Missouri, USAAugust 07, 2013

    LOL! We won't talk about how many half cups of lukewarm coffee I've drunk in my lifetime. Will just have to accept MrM's answer.

  4. Very good and supportive counselling, my compliments to MrM.

  5. So, not just me then? I make my tea in my small teapot then wander off to read blogs. Several hours later I realise that I want a cup of tea and find some already made in the pot. I am not busy, what pearl of wisdom can MrM offer me?

  6. good grief.
    leaving tea undrunk just won't do.
    It is practically a crime against Britain, and may well be subject to trial and even court martial. I suggest you take strong action to prevent future occurrences.

    Train Mr M to carry the cup of tea around the house following you wherever you go, perhaps with a gentle reminder of "don't forget to drink your tea dear"

    failing that perhaps set up an irritating beep on your phone that will go off every two minutes....

    otherwise I'm just going to have to get on a train and come and drink it for you......

  7. Lukewarm, forgotten tea seems to be my specialty - and I'm not busy. The Gardener gets reminded, when I find mine barely drinkable, to drink his tea, made at the same time, but he generally replies that he prefers it cold. Now that's very odd....

  8. You are definitely not alone.

  9. My first thought is that you're forgetting the tea because you're undercaffeinated. Have a strong cup of black coffee first, and you'll be sharp enough to remember the tea.

  10. That might be the best Mr M quotation ever, Alice. It leads me to wonder where I fall on the the Spectrum of Personal Vice. Probably similarly unimpressive.

    Also, Tess's Crime Against Britain comment.

    Also, you have a commenter called Liz in Missouri?!?

    Glad I am getting back into the groove of reading blogs.

  11. Just as well I don't mind cold tea and coffee as I seem to drink quite a bit of it. Lovely , simple, enjoyable post.

  12. Dear Alice,

    You haven't been around for a while. I do hope all is well with you and that you are having a well deserved holiday somewhere exotic, lovely and utterly gorgeous.

    best wishes xx