Friday, 3 October 2014

the days slip by

These are single motifs from a huge antique Iranian cloth, part of the extraordinary textile collection of Waddesdon Manor. The fabric is layered, appliqu├ęd and densely embroidered. At this level you can appreciate the individual stitiches, the astonishing intricacy. In one place the colours are cream, blue and black on red and another part of the cloth is quite different: red, green and cream on black. It is only when you step back that the abstract design makes sense, individual motifs become part of a harmonious whole and the pattern reveals itself.



  1. The detail in this is exquisitely beautiful.

  2. Very striking, beautifully made.

  3. The detail is remarkable, all those tiny, tiny stitches. The colours are lovely as well and still bright for an antique fabric. Thank you for sharing this!


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