Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Ceremony of The Key

"and finally..."
says the Examinations Officer

(whom we all admire for his efficiency
and meticulous attention to detail)

"...I must give you the Special Key
which was given to me by my predecessor
and has been passed down
from one Examinations Officer to the next."

The new Examinations Officer appreciates
the significance of the moment
and asks respectfully

"What is special about The Key?"

The retiring Examinations Officer pauses for effect

"It opens any door in the Department!"

The new Examinations Officer is impressed.
The retiring Examinations Officer looks at his bunch of keys...

"Oh bother!
They all look the same.

I will have to go and try them out
to work out which is which."

MrsM realises that he has already handed over
The Mantle of Infallibility.


  1. Oh dear, that aura of infallibilty never seems to last does it? One day I fear my children shall dissipate my aura completely.

  2. Trash is so right - the end is nigh!

  3. Could make for an interesting statistics question though. If a bunch contains 17 keys, and there are 3 doors to test them on, what is the probability that the right one gets handed over first time?

  4. Episodes like this restore my faith in human beings, being ... um ... human.

  5. Ah, England.
    Land of Pomp.

  6. Oh goodness, that Mantle of Infallibility is so hard to do without :)


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