Friday, 6 August 2010

Objective: Office Improvement

The Front Office is looking cluttered
and the summer is the time to make changes.
I discuss it with my team of lovely ladies.

We agree that desks must be moved,
shelves must be tidied,
cupboards must be emptied
paperwork must be organised.

And we agree that the pictures of Daniel Craig
must be refreshed and enhanced
and so my lovely ladies take time
to choose a suitable selection for a montage.

They ask if Daniel in Speedos is acceptable
and I say:
'Of course it is acceptable...
it is a defining image of our generation
and it is vital to have
up-to-date cultural references

in an academic environment.'

Objective completed.


  1. I'm sure I read somewhere that he was an Oceanographer...

  2. Haw!

    Suddenly I am feeling rather refreshed myself.

  3. Oh Daniel Craig! Although I have to say that I am haunted more by the shower scene in Casino Royale than by the Speedos!

  4. Love it! Can't stop smiling.

  5. Well, if I am caught clicking on your blog too many times today I shall explain myself by saying it's Media Studies!!!

  6. For the first time EVER I am not completely fascinated by what you post.
    Yes, you are reading correctly: I don't like Daniel Craig.
    I said it.

  7. Now that is nice, very nice :o)

  8. would a new tea towel for drying the office cups been an appropriate improvement?

    or is that going too far?

  9. This is a clear attempt by MrsM to boost her site stats ...

    WV: sessest

  10. How delightful! Although I'm not sure it is good for me over breakfast.

  11. Google Images has created a montage that is surely thorough enough for all areas of research:

    After so much dedicated study I need a small lie down.

  12. So... decluttering was a success?

  13. I will never forget sitting in a cinema in Chelsea, London in 2006 and watching that movie.

    I will never forget that moment he came out of the sea.

    AND he could act!

  14. And that's your excuse and your sticking to it! Bravo.

  15. Blimey, you could have warned us that picture was going to pop up. I need to sit down now.

  16. when I was working we used to have 'Doug's day'. Every Wednesday the day that the first few seasons of ER were on the air, all us girls used to pin on our boards above our desk a picture/poster whatever of George Clooney... who played 'Dr Doug Ross' ...

    sigh. ah happy days.

  17. Well I feel mentally stimulated now, thank you.


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