Thursday, 12 August 2010

MrsM goes wild

"Emily Anderson: Little Red Riding Hood"
Sir Thomas Lawrence (1769-1830)

MrsM is stepping out of the Department
into the Big Wide World for the day.
She is visiting an excavation!
She is very excited!

How fortunate that she has walking boots...

Her basket* will be filled to the brim
with fruit cake and flapjacks
because it is hungry work excavating...
especially if you are looking for wolves.

*I'm not going to lie..
it is a Berghaus day sack.


  1. First ...

    Then a silly question: isn't fruit cake a Chstimas cake?

  2. What about my coffee cake ?

  3. Sounds like an adventure in the works! Here's hoping you have fine weather and find lots of...wolves???

  4. Hope you have good weather - we wait excitedly to hear about it.

  5. Crumbs! Wolves! The best we can do down here on the edge of the West Country is a slightly annoyed cat.

  6. Oooh I would love to go to an excavation in your country.....what could be found??? How exciting, lucky you are prepared! Have fun :-)

  7. A wolf hunt? Is that like a bear hunt?

    [aside; I spent most of this orning telling the other people on my team that we should go on a bear hunt. The rendevouz was set for 2pm. It was suggested by another member of the team that we should dress fittingly in Pith helmets and carry Blunderbuses. My explaining that it wasn't really that sort of bear hunt didn't change the dress suggestion. Unfortunately, a lack of shops in Brum city centre selling Pith Helmets meant that ultimately the expedition was cancelled]



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